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Liz TerboLizard began sewing shortly after arriving in San Francisco in 1991- creating costumes, props and sets for local theaters, producing custom clothing sold in Bay Area shops, and dabbling in new technologies printing high-resolution computer generated and holographic textiles.

Inspired by the birth of her daughter in 1997, Liz launched her children's clothing line, Lit'l Lizards. In 2000, Liz opened her first storefront in Noe Valley, stocked with garments cut and sewn in her home studio.

Relocating in 2005, opening a hybrid studio/retail showroom, again, in Noe Valley, Liz offered her latest designs, stitched custom commissions, and taught sewing & pattern making to kids and adults.

Following a three year stint working from her home studio in San Francisco's Mission District, Liz opened a brick & mortar storefront at 1421 Fulton Street in NOPA, focusing on interior sewing and product development.

Liz TerboLizard

1421 Fulton Street
San Francisco Ca 94117
USA Earth

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